Using Drones for Before, During & After Marketing

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Before, During & After – Right Times To Make An Impact !!!!

If you want to make the most substantial impact on people’s minds, you have to keep them with you from the first moment till the end.

One of the exciting ways to impact people’s minds is to take pictures before, during, and after an event. It creates the vast panorama of interconnectedness that keeps the viewers engaged in change portions.

Why Should You Integrate Before, During & After Photos In Your Photography?

It is no secret that the human eye loves to know what happened behind the scenes and how things turned out to be very smooth in the end.

To get more insight on this topic, let’s discuss some solid reasons for taking before, during and after photos.

Eliminates Doubts & Improves Faith

No other thing can give the full confirmation to the clients as the before, during and after the pictures, when customers see how you perform the work and how excellently you can bring the results, they understand why you get so many recommendations.

To demonstrate the complete transformation, you should focus on very high-quality aerial photography and use drone technology to give the most transparent view of what the customers want.

Without before, during and after images, most potential customers doubt and want to know how you get the job done and what your strategies are from the input process to the output.

Allows Your Customers To Live In The Moment Of Change

The research has revealed that before and after pictures get 60% more attention from the people than the other images designed for marketing purposes.

The good news is that there are unlimited ways of taking the panoramic images that hit the viewers right off the bat. For example, the way aerial photography has changed the trend is fantastic. It has become super easy for the customers to understand what is being investigated.

It gives them an accurate idea of what they will get and how precisely you created the great transformation. It will help them in making the purchasing decision with confidence.

Keep Your Customers Updated

People never make a purchase immediately. They want to know more about the product, especially when they want to know how it works, the features, and its specifications.

Nowadays, people are more geared towards images and videos and do not prefer the written stuff. Moreover, language differences also make it difficult for people to comprehend all the deeper details of the products in the written article.

With the power of before, during and after videos,

  • You can reach out to the universal audience.
  • You make it possible for everyone to understand your product and its works.
  • You save the time people have to spend while reading the detailed reviews and figuring out the things they want to know.

This is possible only when you know how to use aerial photography, especially drone technology, in keeping your customers up-to-date.

Storytelling Through Imagery Always Has An Impact

When you post before, in progress and after photos about an event or a project, it becomes the story that revolves around our work. The impact of the strong storyline in the promotion and marketing of the businesses can never be denied.

It is not only a fun way to show what you have done but is also the most powerful visual marketing tactic you can use.

Investing in drone technology can further help you achieve your goals effectively and assist you in generating early interest in the events and other occasions.

Using Drone Technology To Take Before, During & After Images Work For Every Business

You may use a high-resolution camera to show how you can renovate the kitchen or the bathroom. Still, the more panoramic, transparent and universal photography for the outdoor events and ceremonies is not possible without the right and appropriate use of drone technology.

Example # 01:

For example, suppose you are a home moving company in Yorkshire and want to show how you can help in the home packaging and moving. In that case, you can use drone technology to reveal to people your strategy to accomplish the packing and moving a task from the beginning till the end.

It will feature how your workers did their best to properly packing and loading the objects (before moving pictures). “Before picture” will reveal the confusion was prevailing in the old home and the chaos.

“In progress pictures” will feature how your team managed to cover all the confusion and ensure the maximum safety of the belongings. People see them working and carrying out the packing and moving tasks. Further, you can also share the loading and travel images.

In the end, show the after images that will show how safely and carefully you have uploaded the project and how happy the customer was.

It will make a huge difference.

Example # 02:

Home construction businesses can also take advantage of aerial photography. First, they can share the images with the complete flat piece of land. The in-progress photos reveal how you started work and what machinery you used at the construction site, how many workers were there, etc.

In the end, you will share the images of the beautiful villa that you and your team has constructed and designed.

Example # 03:

A roofing company can also share the old and worn-out roof images, the in-progress work, and the photos after the roof are replaced with the new one.

The pro tip?

Do not forget to share in the end how you have made it easier for your customers to get the job done within the time frame.

It is imperative to share it on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

A small message will create a huge impact.

For instance,

“It took only one hour to achieve the final result.”

“See how we have nailed it within two days.”

” We deliver the results and ensure the satisfaction.”

Final Verdict

Keep in mind that taking before, during and after pictures is an old marketing tactic, but the only thing that makes the difference is how powerful before, in progress and after images you have to share with the world.

It is possible only when you make the right and excellent use of aerial photography, especially drone technology.

This is undoubtedly the most efficient and 100% working technique that any business can use to deliver mind-blowing results.

The Crafty Indian – Promotional Video

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We were asked for help by The Crafty Indian – Curry House – Shipley, Bradford to help put together a promotional video, and also stock images of their new dishes to help promote their upcoming launch.

The Crafty Indian is a new concept in Bradford, bringing a genuine Indian perspective to street food where colour, vibrancy and taste come together. The food is sourced locally from Yorkshire farmers and the craft beer is selected from around the UK.

Grisedale Farm

Rotorgraph were able to get extremely smooth footage using the very latest Edelkrone Slider which provides both motorised Slide, Pan & Tilt. #edelkrone

Rotorgraph would like to take this opportunity to thank Richard from “In The Scene Media” for collaborating with us on this project and also wish The Crafty Indian many years of great success.

Alibi - Restaurant & Bar - Rotorgraph - Gary Brown

Alibi – Bar & Restaurant – Halifax

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Rotorgraph was originally contacted by Alibi to get Aerial Photography & Video of the newly renovated Alibi Bar & Restaurant in Halifax… however after much discussion we agreed to help in putting together the main promotional video and teasers for social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Alibi is definitely on trend and has great management that bring a wealth of knowledge and charisma to help bring this project to life. Every twist and turn throughout this tasteful renovation brings new sights and smells to evoke the imagination. The way that Alibi have entwined both old and new is a real credit to their sheer determination to bring something really unique to Halifax.

Eat. Drink. Live

It’s been a while in the making but the wait is finally over: Alibi Bar and Restaurant is opening Sat 24th August in the heart of historic Halifax: Somerset House and Grand Salon.

In our Grade 2 listed Georgian mansion you’ll discover irresistible cocktails rubbing shoulders with premium beers, wines, champagnes and spirits from across the globe.

From morning coffee to afternoon tea and spectacular suppers, our casual dining menu provides sustenance day and night.

With cocktail masterclasses, live music, stunning private hire spaces and a sunny outdoor terrace, we’re all set to share our undying love of a great time.

So, whether you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate life, eat, do business, book a cocktail masterclass, kick-start your bank holiday weekend or simply sip your morning coffee, we ready to welcome you to Alibi.

The Benefits of Drones in the workplace

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Drones are consistently being used in the commercial workplace to make people’s lives easier and safer!

Whilst many people only look at drones through the lens created by mass hysteria, i.e.- the invasion of the privacy of civilians and extensive military uses, that is in fact not the case. To put it simply, drones were created to make our lives easier, and there is no better way to exercise that than at work. Drones are largely being used in industrial settings to monitor job sites, inspect gas and power lines, and to be used as security for the safety of the employees.

They are also used to map the progress of job sites from an aerial view, which can make the building process easier and faster. Another commercial use for drones is search and rescue, which is certainly beneficial to the public. The remotely operated drones can get a bird’s eye view of an area, with the ability to zoom in for a closer look using a high powered camera. Drones can also be used to put out large fires from a range that cannot be properly reached by conventional means.

The agriculture industry also uses these machines for farming, spraying pesticides, mapping areas, tracking and monitoring animal herds, and analyzing land to find optimal crop areas. As the FAA laws change, the commercial use of drones will change along with them. This will expand the regulated uses of drones in commercial industries, and there will be no telling what new and innovative uses will be discovered.

Removing dangers

For individuals in jobs that involve lots of time spent traveling to the extremities of where enterprises do business, or to a precarious perch to get a good view, like infrastructure inspection or site management, an opportunity presents itself.

Historically, it’s been a dangerous job to identify the state of affairs in the physical world and analyze and report on that information. It may have required climbing on tall buildings or unstable areas, or travelling to far-flung sites to inspect critical infrastructure, like live power lines or extensive dams.

Commercial drones, as part of the current wave of automation technology, will fundamentally change this process.

The jobs involved aren’t going away, but they are going to change.


New ways to amass data

Jobs that were once considered gruelling and monotonous will look more like knowledge-worker jobs in the near future.

Until now, people in these jobs have had to go to great lengths to collect data for analysis and decision-making.

That data can now be collected without putting people in harm’s way. Without the need to don a harness, or climb to dangerous heights, people in these jobs can extend their career.

We’ve seen this firsthand in our own work conducting commercial drone operation training for many of the largest insurers in America, whose teams typically include adjusters in the latter stages of their career.

When you’re 50 years old, the physical demands of climbing on roofs to conduct inspections can make you think about an early retirement, or a career change.


Keeping hard-earned skills in the workplace

But these workers are some of the best in the business, with decades of experience.

No one wants to leave hard-earned skills behind due to physical limitations.

We’ve found industry veterans like these to be some of the most enthusiastic adopters of commercial drones for rooftop inspections.

After one week-long session, these adjusters could operate a commercial drone to collect rooftop data without requiring any climbing.

Their deep understanding of claims adjustment can be brought to bear in the field without the conventional physical demands.

Specialists with knowledge and experience like veteran insurance adjusters are far harder to find than someone who can learn how to use a commercial drone system.

Removing the need to physically collect the data means the impact of their expertise can be global, and the talent competition for these roles will be global as well.


Digital skills grow in importance

Workers can come out on top in this shift by focusing on improving relevant digital skills.

Their conventional daily-use manual tools will become far less important than those tools that enable them to have an impact digitally.

The tape measure and ladder will go by the wayside as more work is conducted with iPads and cloud software.

This transition will also create many more opportunities to do work that simply doesn’t get accomplished today.

Take commercial building inspection as an example.

In the past, the value of a building inspection had to be balanced against many drawbacks, like the cost of stopping business so an inspection could be conducted, the liability of sending a worker to a roof, and the sheer size of sites.


Filling the data gap

The result is a significant data gap.

The state of the majority of commercial buildings is simply unknown to their owners and underwriters.

Using drones for inspections dramatically reduces the inherent challenges of data collection, which makes it feasible to inspect far more buildings and creates a demand for human workers to analyze this new dataset.

Filling this demand requires specialized knowledge and a niche skillset that the existing workers in this field, like the veterans from our training groups who were on the verge of leaving the field, are best-poised to provide.

This trend is happening in myriad industries, from insurance, to telecoms, to mining and construction.


Preparation now

Enterprises in industries that will be impacted by this technology need to make their preparations for this transformation now.

Those that do not, will not be around in 10 years.

Workers in jobs where careers are typically cut short due to physical risk need to invest in learning digital skills, so that they can extend the length of their career and increase their value, while reducing the inherent physical toll.

Individuals who see their employers falling behind in innovation have the freedom to pursue a career with a more ambitious competitor, or to take a leadership role kickstarting initiatives internally to keep pace.

There’s no shortage of challenges to tackle or problems to solve in the world.

Commercial drones, and the greater wave of automation technology, will enable us to address more of them. This will create many opportunities for the workers who are prepared to capitalize on this technology. That preparation must begin now.

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