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The manual inspection of the wind turbines is not only dangerous but also time consuming.

To speed up the process of wind turbine inspection, various techniques have been used but the most effective by far is the use of drone technology for the fastest and the most accurate results.

The best part is that drone technology has no limits and is equally perfect for all kinds of construction and maintenance tasks.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that can quickly and safely carry out the inspection of the wind turbines for overall monitoring and help in proper maintenance.

In this article, we will study the advantages and benefits of using drones to inspect wind turbines and see how they can speed up the process of wind turbine inspection.

Enjoy Four Times Faster Maintenance Inspections With Drone Inspections

The standard operations and maintenance tasks were very slow in the past. But drone technology has made it extremely simple and easy for wind farms to get results faster. To get four times faster results, the drones should be fitted in a way that they cover the wider spectrum and can cover the whole panoramic view including the site where maintenance is required. For the inspection of the turbines, the drones should be able to catch the whole landscape so check carefully where you should fit them for the best results.

The biggest benefit of using drone technology for maintenance tasks is that you can avoid accidental damage that may occur during the manual inspection. It is not only the fastest and the most accurate way to inspect the wind farms but also ensures maximum safety.

Drone Technology Provides High-Resolution Imagery

Not only the drones but all kinds of UAVs produce high-resolution pin point accurate images. If we particularly talk about the use of drones in providing high-quality images, photos and videos, we come to know that they have the remarkable ability to capture from all angles and perspectives, giving the most in-depth insight. Therefore the drones can aid in the discovery of even the minor problems which is not possible with a human examination.

It is no secret that humans are unable to access many issues and the manual technicians are not able to examine everything in the wind farm. Human capabilities are limited and technicians are not able to identify what they cannot see when they inspect the turbine.

Wait, here is another aspect of drone technology that you should not miss while focusing on the high-resolution feature of drone technology.

Drones Help In The Model Creation Of The Wind Turbine Project

After the complete analysis of the results obtained from the drone inspection, the wind technicians can create the models of the wind turbine project. It was not possible with the manual inspection because it does not allow detailed scanning and simulation.

The benefit of creating the wind turbine models is that it helps the wind technicians and experts to devise new and improved operational strategies for the better performance of wind turbines in the future.

In short, the deep analysis of the current maintenance issues helps in finding the right solutions. So the role of drone technology can never be denied when it comes to wind farm inspections.

Reviewing Large Areas At Once Using Drone Technology

Drones take the panoramic view of the wind farm and cover a very large area. Being the major component of drone technology, you can confidently use them for large wind farms.

If we compare it with human inspection, it can cost a lot of time and money for the complete analysis and inspection of the large farms, but drone technology not only saves you time and money but also eliminates potentially dangerous or costly issues.

So no matter how large the wind farm is, drones can instantly help you to resolve all major and minor issues so you can instantly solve the issues before they get serious.

The Use Of Drone Technology During The Construction

The placement of the wind turbines needs serious consideration. The drones are also very helpful in this matter as they help you to figure out which is the right construction site for the wind turbines and where exactly they need to be placed for the maximum output.

The collection of the survey data after the detailed drone inspection has helped thousands of wind farms till now and every new wind farm should definitely consider it during the construction process.

From the initial land survey to the end of the installation process, drone technology is something that will keep helping you in every step.

Here you might want to ask: How long do drone inspections take to examine the wind turbine?

Here is what the wind turbine expert says about it:

“Wind turbine inspections usually take us at least 80 minutes with ground-based systems. DJI drones, when used with the latest software did the job in less than 40 minutes. This saved us a significant amount of money because we have less production downtime.” – Robert Farell, Wind Turbine Operation and Maintenance at ESB.

Wind power station. Wind generators standing at top of the hill. Around are agricultural fields. Aerial view.

Final Verdict

Wind technology has revolutionized the process of wind farm inspections by providing very accurate and fast results while keeping people safe from the potential harms associated with manual inspections. Drones technology not only simplifies the inspection process but also helps in the reduction of the long processing times by alarming about the potential issues instantly.

To make a long story short, drone technology plays a vital role in making the right maintenance decisions that enhance the production and functionality of wind farms by providing thousands of high-quality images that ensure that no defect goes undetected.