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Roof Reports

Roofing elements including rainwater goods can deteriorate over long periods before being identified which is often due to water ingress or when an element has reached a point of failure.

Our drones can reach all areas of the roof that are often inaccessible to access platforms and we work in close partnership with RICS Chartered Surveyors who have experience in all types of commercial, residential, heritage, and listed buildings to provide defect analysis based on our high resolution images and video footage. This approach aims to deliver value and expertise to building owners and occupiers across Great Britain.

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Schedule of Condition & Roof Condition reports

Our team can carry out high end inspections and provide both high resolution images & 4K video that will enable our clients & partners to identify high level defects. We therefore employ RICS Chartered Surveyors who are able to then produce Schedule of Condition reports & Roof Condition reports following our successful inspection.

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Building Surveying for Commercial Properties

Our commercial building surveyor’s work covers a wide variety of instructions including Schedules of Condition (for lease liability purposes), Dilapidations (on behalf of the Landlord or Tenant), Technical Due Diligence Surveys, Specific Defect Surveys, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) surveys, Contract Administration and Project Management in Yorkshire, Humberside and the rest of the UK.

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Commercial Framed Buildings

Industrial Buildings, out-of-town retail buildings, depots and large leisure facilities are often framed buildings clad externally in a variety of finishes, such as profiled metal sheets with plastisol coating, corrugated fibre cement sheets and modern composite cladding sheets.

Each construction type has its own unique set of defects that can shorten the lifespan of a roof or building considerably if not remedied early. Our experienced surveyors are highly skilled in identifying the defects specific to these types of buildings, and outline your next steps to deal with them.

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Residential – Modern Buildings

We define a Modern Building as one that was constructed post-1919 when the widespread adoption of cavity walls and physical damp proof courses became the norm.

Modern Buildings tend to be built in more of a uniform style across the country. Defects tend to be easier to remedy which can speed up the repair process. As a lot of these properties still have their original roof coverings and waterproofing detail, we try to assess if there is any need for wholesale replacement (and compliance with current regulations) or if localised repairs can be undertaken to maintain watertightness.

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Not sure about a quote you have received from a contractor, or not sure the work that has been undertaken by a contractor is correct? We can help with in-person inspections and telephone or video call consultations and provide our opinion on the works proposed or undertaken.

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Our Building Surveying Services

Schedule of Works

Following receipt of a survey report, we can help you prepare a Schedule of Works that can be used to obtain quotes from a contractor.

Building Surveys

We offer full RICS Level 3 surveys (formally building surveys) for both pre and post purchase on domestic, commercial and mixed use buildings.

Thermal Imaging

We use dedicated FLIR thermal imaging equipment to report on heat loss, building defects and moisture ingress.

Traditional buildings

We offer advice on all aspects of traditional buildings.

Maintenance Schedules

Not sure what is needed and when or how to prioritise/group works required? We can prepare a maintenance schedule to suit your building.

Project Management and Contract Administration

If a more comprehensive scheme of works is required/desired, we can assist with project management and contract administration works.

Roof Surveys

We use a drone to survey from the chimney pots down to the eaves detail and can include the rainwater goods as part of the inspection. We’ll advise on the condition of the elements, if any works are required and the urgency of the works. If required, we can also prepare a schedule/specification of works.

Timber Decay

We can inspect and report on timber decay and insect attack, advise on dealing with the cause of this and if required, any remedial works. If the timber decay is very serious (in most cases, it isn’t) we can put you in touch with a structural engineer who is an expert in this field.

Schedules of Condition/Defects

If you require a Schedule of Condition or Defects for either commercial or domestic buildings, we can inspect the site and prepare a comprehensive report depending on your individual/lease requirements.

Building Pathology

If you think you have a defect with your property, we offer building pathology advice. This can be in-person or over a video call. Common problems include:

● moisture ingress and timber decay,
● review of architect’s/builders’ proposals/work
● thermal upgrades
● basement works
● works to heritage buildings


We use the most capable equipment to provide diagnosis of moisture and ventilation related problems and then discuss the most appropriate remedial work.

We never advise any form of retrofit damp proof course works e.g. hacking off plaster to 1m and putting tanking slurry/membrane on walls etc. Our advice is specific to the cause of the problem and the usage of the building.

Periodic Inspections

If you/your insurers require periodic inspections and reporting to be undertaken, we can undertake this role on an ongoing basis and produce a bespoke report to your requirements.

We can also prepare Planning Permission submissions, Design and Access Statements, Listed Building Consent, Heritage Statements and Heritage Impact Assessments.

Glazing Inspection

Glazing / window condition reports will help in meeting annual health & safety audit requirements, and also form part of our scope of works for tenders and other specialist reports we can provide.

Traditional buildings aren’t standard, so neither is our approach to surveying them.

Traditionally constructed buildings were not all built to defined building standards like modern buildings are today. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced building surveyor that understands old buildings, their materials and the specialist methodology often needed to maintain and repair them.

With technical and practical experience in traditional buildings, we’ve invested in the best specialist tools and equipment for building pathology – so you can rest assured that you’ll get a comprehensive report and advice that you can rely on.

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Detailed reports that lay out solutions to get your building back on track

Getting the right advice matters. Our consultations and reports offer you the correct solutions to remedying building defects, so you’ll know what steps to take next. We can also offer ongoing project support, managing works to rectifying issues once they’ve been identified and if works need planning permission or Listed Building Consent, we can help with this too.

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Specialist surveys for structural defects, timber, and damp

Our reports identify the cause of the defect and give you the advice you need to remedy it. Contact us if you’re concerned about:

  • Mould on walls and furniture
  • Cracks
  • Decayed timber
  • Leaking roof
  • Storm damage to chimneys and exposed areas
  • Damage to stone and brickwork
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Roof Survey Case Studies

Discover more about Rotorgraph Specialist Roof Surveys’ roof surveys. View our latest case studies for inspiration.


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Our Mission Statement

Rotorgraph Specialist Roof Surveys is committed to providing our customers and partners with high quality drone photography and 360° virtual imagery utilising the very latest in digital technology. It is also paramount to us that we provide a fast & efficient service that is ultra-safe and environmentally friendly.