Fewer site visits, more survey reports

Create your visual inspection reports efficiently and effectively using high quality drone imagery, that gives you more insight than a physical inspection.

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Roof Inspection Showing Grass in Gutter

Stay on the right side of health and safety

Getting roof access comes with a number of health and safety concerns. Keep risk low with a professionally piloted drone that can capture high resolution images and 4K HD video for your high level visual inspection.

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Access all areas

It can be a challenge on some premises to safely access all roof areas that need inspection. With aerial photography, you’ll have access to every area of the roof, without the risk.

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Roof Inspection to Highlight Damage

Get your reports and inspections done faster

From arranging scaffolding and cherry pickers to waiting on risk assessments, accessing the roof can take time. Make access simple, and turnaround times faster, with high quality drone footage to carry out your inspection.

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Every detail, captured on camera

With all areas of the roof accessed with our high definition 4K footage, you’ll be able to find even the smallest defects for your report.

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Shot of Tile Damage

High definition 4K video

There’s no detail too small with our high definition footage – so you’ll be able to see everything you’d see from a physical inspection, and more.

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Support with reports, when you need it

If you need a report to accompany your footage, we can provide a fully certified surveyors roof condition report that helps you save time and keep your workload moving.

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External Roof Survey Report
External Roof Survey Report

Schedule of Condition & Roof Condition reports

Our team can carry out high end inspections and provide both high resolution images & 4K video that will enable our clients & partners to identify high level defects. We therefore employ both Chartered & Certified Surveyors who are able to then produce Schedule of Condition reports & Roof Condition reports following our successful inspection.

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Roof Survey Case Studies

Discover more about Rotorgraph’s roof surveys. View our latest case studies for inspiration.

Our Mission Statement

Rotorgraph Ltd is committed to providing our customers and partners with high quality drone photography and 360° virtual imagery utilising the very latest in digital technology. It is also paramount to us that we provide a fast & efficient service that is ultra-safe and environmentally friendly.