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Roof Surveys for Facilities Management

Annual roof inspections made simple

Check your roof condition and guttering quickly and safely, with Rotorgraph Specialist Roof Surveys drone photography.

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Bradford College Roof Inspection

It’s expensive and unsafe to get someone up on the roof with a camera

Cherry pickers. Scaffolding. Health and safety considerations. It’s a lot of work to get a person up onto your roof to carry out your inspections. Drone photography, with professional pilots, reduces your costs and your health and safety concerns.

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A person can’t reach or see every area of the roof

Even if you get your contractor on the roof to carry out the inspection, their photography might not be high quality and they won’t be able to access every area. See every part of your roof in high definition with aerial photography and videography.

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You’re struggling to find what needs repairing

If you’ve got a problem that needs repairing, finding the source can be difficult, especially if it’s hard to access all areas of the roof safely. With our drone photography services, you’ll be able to show the professionals every part of your roof so they can quickly identify the problem – and start repairs.

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Inspections done efficiently

Get your inspections carried out with fast turnaround times, and no waiting for scaffolding or cherry pickers.

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Pinch to zoom with incredible definition

Find even the smallest defect with our high resolution photography and 4K video.

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A complete service

From roof and guttering inspection to full survey report, you’ll find our service simple, fast and hassle-free.

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Schedule of Condition & Roof Condition reports

Our team can carry out high end inspections and provide both high resolution images & 4K video that will enable our clients & partners to identify high level defects. We therefore employ RICS Chartered Surveyors who are able to then produce Schedule of Condition reports & Roof Condition reports following our successful inspection.

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Roof Survey Case Studies

Discover more about Rotorgraph Specialist Roof Surveys’ roof surveys. View our latest case studies for inspiration.


Home Buyer Roof Inspection & Condition Report


Large College, Bradford


Hospital Trust, Carlisle

Our Mission Statement

Rotorgraph Specialist Roof Surveys is committed to providing our customers and partners with high quality drone photography and 360° virtual imagery utilising the very latest in digital technology. It is also paramount to us that we provide a fast & efficient service that is ultra-safe and environmentally friendly.