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Roofs are the core part of building infrastructure and must be monitored and managed. They are challenging to inspect due to the fact that they are difficult to reach and any problems with roof integrity can be hard to detect and address. When there is an issue, it can often be expensive to resolve; especially if the building has a large roof footprint.

There are a number of ways to get close enough to a roof to conduct inspection activity but this has traditionally been a time-consuming, complex activity that usually has a significant cost attached. With a range of methods to elevate to inspection level, such as scaffolding, ladders or cherry-pickers, it inevitably means the prospect of people working at height, which always comes with risk.

Close up of Gutter & Roof Top

Roof Inspection – West Yorkshire

Whether on old or new buildings, roofs come in all shapes and sizes and are typically difficult places to access. On many older buildings, the roof can be easily damaged by human contact or may even be inaccessible. This is where drone technology brings significant advantages over manual inspection.

Drones can deploy quickly and be on task in a fraction of the preparation time of manual methods. The surface area that can be covered with a modern drone system is considerably quicker than if conducting the inspection with a human and, with a range of modern image processing software available, the resulting report can be completed and presented to the client quickly. The health and safety benefits alone are an attractive reason for organisations to look to adopt drone technology.

Operating a drone during a roof inspection can be a complex activity, subject to the performance of the drone system, the capability of the camera, the shape and size of the roof being inspected and weather conditions on the day. It requires some level of planning diligence.

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Aerial Roof Inspection – West Yorkshire

Due to the close proximity of the roof it almost always requires a good degree of flying proficiency from the remote pilot but if planned and executed well, the inspection can be completed quickly and effectively.

Roof inspections with drones are still at a relatively early stage. Currently, a drone cannot also conduct repairs to any defects that are detected but it is envisaged that this will become part of a future where drone capability will be fused into a full inspect and repair capability. That future is only a few short years away.

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