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Something that’s very important to Rotograph is the use of drones to benefit health and safety.

There are many applications that would hugely benefit from the type of inspections we can offer, and we will explore these over future posts.

Something that has been in the news recently is building cladding. The Grenfell Tower fire is something that won’t be forgotten for along time and nor should it be. A fire recently broke out at the New Providence Wharf development in East London in similar circumstances, but luckily this was caught early and the same devestation was prevented.

Indeed, in Bradford city centre, work has begun to remove unsafe aluminium composite cladding from Appleton Point just off the well known Hamme Strasse. The building’s residents were evacuated within 15 hours of it failing a fire inspection previously.

Why you should seriously consider using drones for building inspections generally.

Prevention is, of course, hugely important and we believe that drones can play a big part in that and here’s why:

  • Safer and without risk to life.
  • Less financial expenditure required.
  • No need for expensive access solutions.
  • Quicker turnaround resulting in important information being produced in a more timely fashion than with other options.
  • Great quality high definition media created to meet your requirements for your review.

Example of the benefits of using a drone for cladding inspections.

If s building had insulated cladding it’s considered safe, however, if there is s break in the render and the insulation or system is exposed in anyway it means the fabric has lost its fire proof status and becomes a fire risk.

This is where a drone comed into its own, identifying issues at a high level around the building that you can’t see from ground level. This means reosirs can be carried out before the system condition worsens and incidents occur.

why not take the safer, time and cost effective option? If we can help with building fabric inspections, or any other potential problems such as roof leaks, please do contact us for further information and quotations.