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To avoid the dangers associated with climbing to the heights and fragile services, the UK government has devised strict laws and regulations (2005). The main purpose of these rules was to avoid the dangers and ensure the maximum safety of the workers, especially roof inspectors, etc.

But the fact is, the fear of falling remains there no matter how many safety measures are followed. The one and the only permanent and the safest solution to all these problems is the use of drone technology for a roof inspection.

Let’s have a look at some of the work-at-height rules, UK, (2005) and figure out how drones have made things super easy.

Insurance Claim - Broken Window

Rules Regarding Fragile Surfaces

According to this rule, no worker should go near the fragile surface when it is possible to do work without the presence of the worker on the fragile surface. But as we know, a roof inspection is something where the detailed examination of everything is mandatory.

Here comes the role of drones into the picture that makes it easy for them to get the job done right without putting their lives in danger.

Rules Regarding Falling Objects

A quick summary of the rules regarding falling objects reveals that every employer should cooperate with other workers to prevent the potential chances of injuries that may result from falling objects. It also involves taking suitable and appropriate steps to prevent any person from being struck by any falling material or object which is liable to cause personal injury.

This situation can sometimes put the lives of all the workers in danger especially when they are strictly advised to follow the safety regulations. Various incidents have revealed that this rule has also not proven beneficial in saving the lives of the work-at-height workers.

Drone inspection provides a detailed inspection survey so that the workers do not need to put their lives in danger. Nowadays, 3D models with high-resolution mesh have made it possible to eliminate the need for work-at-height workers for a roof inspection, insurance, and examination purposes.

Rules Regarding Falling Objects

Regulations Regarding Danger Areas

According to the requirements of the rules regarding the danger areas, no worker is allowed to go to the danger zone where there is a risk of falling from the object at a distance or any risk of being struck by a falling object.

Despite these regulations, many workers have lost their lives before the introduction of drone technology. Nothing practical improvement is observed and drone technology turned out to be the great and the only solution against all such laws.

Inspection of Work Equipment & The Drone Technology

Inspection of the work equipment including the climbing material, ropes, and all the lifting equipment should be carried out at regular intervals. In other words, a working platform should be highly suitable for construction work.

The use of drone technology eliminates all the risks, fears, and dangers associated with the work equipment that is deteriorated.

Inspection of Places Of Work At Height

The UK work-at-height regulation regarding the inspection of places of work at height states that:

Every employer shall so far as is reasonably practicable ensure that the surface and every parapet, permanent rail, or other such fall protection measure of every place of work at height are checked on each occasion before the place is used.

 But the fact is,

25% of workplace fatalities occur from falls from height and there is a strong chance that this percentage is even higher. Facts and figures regarding the injuries associated with the workplace environment are even more than anyone can imagine.

The worst part is that if the employee falls from the height or gets any kind of injuries, he has to face criticism and warnings for not following the work-at-height regulations. It can also put his job in danger.

Moreover, 90% chances are there that human inspection is not enough to fulfill all the detailed inspection needs due to various risks associated with safety.

The uses of drones against work-at-height technology are countless.

For example,

  • Health and safety improvement
  • High-quality data acquisition
  • Downtime reduction
  • Improved maintenance standards
  • Cost efficiency
  • Time efficiency
  • Disaster recovery improvement

And many others.

Why Using Drones Technology Is Must For Companies & Businesses?

Drone technology can save lives by handling the critical tasks and various leading businesses are using it as the only option to save the lives of the workers.

Here are some benefits of drone technology that make it even more important than ever.

Saves Lives

A report has revealed that drone technology has saved the lives of the people in more than 18 different events around the globe. Now the innocent people and the workers do not have to put their lives at risk for roof inspection purposes, infrastructure inspections and the checking of the disaster zones.

Cost-effective Option For Insurance Companies

When people apply for insurance for the broken roofs that are destroyed as a result of natural calamities, the drone technology confirms whether the damage is due to disaster or any other reason.

A detailed drone inspection helps the insurance companies in getting the detailed analysis of the costs and makes it easy for the insurance companies to decide how much they should cover.

Saving The Planet

Thanks to drone technology it is also playing its part in keeping the earth a more environmentally-friendly place. During the conservation projects, drones are used to track the emissions from power plants.

The interesting aquatic application of the drones has revealed that they can also be used to capture biological samples from whales.

The 3D imagery system of the Drone technology makes it super easy to provide detailed information about anything.

Aerial Photography

The most important and the obvious use of the drones is that it helps to take images and create videos in the air, thus helping in the provision of detailed and accurate information for journalism, personal photography or documentaries.

Not using the drone technology can keep you far behind in this fast and modern world. Moreover, it can also take the lives of the innocent people. So every company and individual business owner must consider using this technology for the clear and smooth 3D photography.

We are providing high-quality drone; inspection services and can make all the inspection tasks from the roof inspection to dangerous missions easier. We are affordable and using the high-quality drones for the excellent results.

Final Verdict

Through the implementation of this new technology, the planning and design of the layout areas are simplified and scale-up.

With the use of drones, the latest and accurate information for a clear and concise emergency response plan is provided, as well as materials for the efficient plan and design of the project site, and a lot of clear paths are accessible. So there is entirely no need to put the lives of the work-at-height employees in danger and let them do the drone inspection jobs.

The bottom line?

The above discussion has revealed that there is a dire need to revise the work-at-height regulations because drone technology is here to stay.

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