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Rotorgraph specialise in Roofing Inspections / Commercial & Property Aerial Photography. Rotorgraph provide 4K High Resolution Images anywhere within West Yorkshire and we provide an excellent & friendly service.

  • Construction
  • Estate Agents
  • Roof Inspections & Surveys
  • Aerial Portraits
  • Tourism
  • Golf Courses
  • Archaeology 
  • Motorsport
Our Services

Roof / Roofing Inspections & Surveys

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Rotorgraph specialise in Roof / Roofing Inspections & Surveys and we will carry them out anywhere throughout West Yorkshire. Using drones to undertake your Roof Inspection is quicker, cheaper and more importantly safer than hiring expensive cherry pickers that can’t always scale the full perimeter, we will avoid you having to fill out lengthy Health & Safety reports in order to carry out a Roof Inspection. In the past, roof inspections have required time and money in order to access the roof. Now, with enhanced UAV technology, costs have reduced dramatically and more importantly safety has increased. Aerial roof inspections are an important factor in property maintenance, whether inspecting a roof prior to a commercial purchase or annual roof inspection. We give you the capability to conduct speedy and cost effective inspections. Rotorgraph can also provide chimney inspections, architectural inspections, birds eye view imaging and many other services. The process for roof inspections is simple, once we have received a request we can conduct an online research on the property. If need-be we can also visit the property for an on site aerial inspection . Once we have assessed the site, Rotorgraph will conduct a high level inspection using one of our fully qualified CAA accredited pilots.

  • Cheaper than hiring a Cherry Picker
  • No Scaffolding or Health & Safety Reports required
  • Very Fast & Friendly Service
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Estate Agents

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Property Developers & high end Estate Agents use Rotorgraph because we’re able to get shots that really bring a property to life. We produce dramatic aerial property photography and videos for residential estate agents anywhere within West Yorkshire.  Aerial videos and photographs capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surrounding, not possible with ground-based photography. Our Civil Aviation Authority licensed pilots are able to assist estate agents with enhancing the services they can provide to their clients, and offer a valuable addition to the whole selling process. Our team are able to plan, manage and take the relevant imagery and/or video in a safe and efficient manner, getting the best shots and angles of the property. Our UAV’s are fully insured to the highest level and have a number of different camera systems attached, once the shots have been planned then it takes no time to undergo the aerial photography meaning little disruption to the homeowner.

  • Location capability
  • Very Fast & Friendly Service
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Our commercial property aerial photography allows you to showcase the complete picture – car parks, boundaries, access and will give potential purchasers a clear insight and overview, setting your property marketing ahead of other competing commercial agents. For planning applications or prior to construction, property developers are using Rotorgraph for photography and videos to show the proposed view from different floors or the 360 degree aerial panorama of the site. We cover the whole of West Yorkshire.

  • 4K High Resolution
  • Location Capability
  • Fast & Friendly Service
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