Suez Lorry Crash – Stump Cross Halifax 28/03/19

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On Thursday 28th March 2019 approx 5:45am a Suez Lorry crashed in to a row of houses in Stump Cross – early indications suggest that there may have been a problem with the brakes. Luckily nobody was hurt and they’re hoping to have the Lorry lifted back to safety by lunchtime so they can re-open the road which is causing major traffic jams all around the surrounding areas.

Thank you to John Whitham – Landlord at Stump Cross Inn – Halifax for giving permission to take off from his car park. Also special thanks to PC Brimelow – Badge 4541 & Shane – Incident Manager at Stoneywood Motors for allowing me access. #suez #stumpcrossinn

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Bradford Mill Fire – Aftermath

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Today I sent up my drone to view the damage done in fire to the Harris Court Mill on Great Horton Road – Please feel free to share. 

Thanks to Martin Baker at Whaleys (Bradford) Ltd for permission to take off from his land and also Steve Holdsworth – Watch Commander – West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) for also providing permission.

Supporting Queensbury Tunnel – Cycle Route

By News, Queensbury Tunnel

Supporting Queensbury Tunnel

If you weren’t already aware Queensbury is hoping to create one of the longest cycle routes in the whole of the UK. This is being currently supported by local Councillor Andrew Senior, Graeme Bickerdike – Senior Partner, Four by Three, and Norah McWilliam.

Gary Brown – Rotorgraph, Andrew Senior – Councillor & Carlos Conwaz – Local Drone Enthusiast


At a cost of £3m to fill in the tunnel, Graeme Bickerdike, said: “Is it sensible to take £3m of taxpayers money, convert it into concrete, and pour it into a black hole? Or do you use that money and invest it into transforming this structure into an asset that can be used to generate money?”

Sustrans has calculated that using the tunnel for recreation would boost the local economy by almost £40m over the next 30 years.

You can help by simply signing this petition and getting the much needed votes to keep it open as a cycle route. Not only will this help improve the health of our local community, but it will also bring much needed tourism to our area which in turn will help boost the local economy.

Rotorgraph used DJI Mavic Pro to capture aerial footage

Finally to find out more about the costs and logistics behind bringing this to life, here is a short clip of Graeme Bickerdike reflecting on the struggles faced in getting to where we are currently.


Credit to Andrew Senior for all his ongoing efforts, Ian “P13” Hudson for editing the video and also Carlos Conwaz for local support from Queensbury Drone Flying Group 


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