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In 2021, although there is an advancement of technology, the trend of a drone inspection to get the condition report of Brise Soleil is quite new. For many of you, it may seem quite an innovative idea, so in this article, we will guide you from scratch about what are brise soleil and how drone inspection can help you in getting the condition report of Brise Soleil.


What Are Brise Soleil?

To cut out direct light and heat gain during summer, Brise Soleil is designed as the architectural feature of the building. The best part is it serves as the permanent solution to reduce the heat gain within the building by deflecting sunlight.

Why Drone Inspection Is Necessary To Check The Brise Soleil?

Various reasons make drones even more important than ever for the inspection of brise soleil.

Determine The Efficiency Of Brise Soleil

Now drones are widely used for the inspection of Brise Soleil to check their efficiency. The drone inspection services use a remote control drone with a camera to spot the places in the Brise Soleil and figure out where it is not eliminating heat effectively.

Identifies Leakage Areas

Brise Soleil drone inspection gives the complete in-depth condition report and determines whether it is reducing as much heat as it should or not. It is no secret that sometimes there are leakage areas that are not visible to the naked eye and often cause the entrance of hot sun rays inside the building.

Figure Out The Quality & Age Of Sun-shading Structures

The close inspection of patterned concrete walls and other horizontal projections of the Brise Soleil reveals the defects and age of these structures, which later help in the determination of efficiency and overall working duration of these structures.

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What Are The Benefits Of Drone Inspection For Brise Soleil?

  • The physical examination of the brise soleil needs a lot of heavy equipment because they are present in the upper region of the buildings. So if you use the drone inspection, you can save a lot of time and get authentic and detailed results.
  • Moreover, the close camera inspection by the drones helps in the high-quality maintenance as it identifies the most minor issues.
  • Nowadays, there are high-quality drones that make use of innovative ways of doing maintenance and upkeep surveillance.
  • The use of drone inspection before the beginning of the summer season and from time to time keeps your building safe and secure from the piercing rays of sunlight. It also helps to fix the issues and prevent facades with a large amount of glass from overheating during the summer.

Need Professional Drone Roof Inspection Services In the UK?

We are a Drone Business and have professional-grade drones for the inspection of Brise Soleil.

With a high-resolution camera, GPS quality, flight stability, and many other features, our drones will assist you in making the perfect inspection report for any of your architectural needs.

The best part?

We guarantee satisfaction and deliver results faster than you think.

Moreover, you can save a lot by using our drone service as you will not have to pay for the expensive hire of cherry pickers and erecting scaffolding in hard to reach parts of your building.

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